Sunday, 31 January 2010

Why I decided to start writing this blog

TW7H3U74X8NUI believe that if we do not start to intervene soon that the world will end up as a major disaster. The number of people on the planet is growing rapidly, resources and land are going to continue reducing if we continue the way we are, so much so that if we don't start acting soon billions of people are likely to die and large wars breaking out as they major powers fight for resources.

I believe that if we intervene now we can keep the same standard of living that we currently enjoy for little cost, if we wait however we may find ourselves in the position where we have to cut back drastically just to survive. I don't think we need to change the way we currently live, I just think we have the technology available already to substantially reduce the impact we have and done correctly this can be done for little cost. For example I don't have a problem with people eating meat despite the fact it is substantially less efficient than a vegan lifestyle, I actually do so myself, similarly I don't think we need to give up our cars or flying, we just need to change the way they are powered.

Even though I describe these ideas as policies they are really more like a detailed opening for a discussion topic, I'm not a politician and I would think it unlikely the policies would ever be implemented as described exactly but I do think they make a useful base for discussion of an eventual policy that could be implemented.

I'm consider myself to be highly logical, I can look at things from many different viewpoints without allowing my prejudices get in the way, so much so that I'd consider things most people wouldn't even be wiling to think about, I believe that allows me to look at things a lot more effectively that than other people do. I believe I can come up with potential policies that can make the world better with little or no downside, most of the policies/ideas I present on this blog are likely to be environmental given that I believe that is the main problem the world faces but I am likely to include other topics, I already have one planned for health, this policy is likely to be controversial but I believe that most people who read it would agree with the idea.
I also have another fully formed policy in the area of health that I believe would save a lot of lives and improve the standard of living for a lot of people, the policy however would be extremely controversial, hundreds of times more so than the one I am publishing, so much so that even my instinctive reaction to it makes me feel sick despite the fact that I now believe it would only be beneficial, as such I won't actually be including it here, the main reason for publishing the health policy I have is to gauge how ready people would be to consider even discussing the main one I have, the policy I'm publishing would effect very few people and I expect most people would probably be persuaded by my argument but those who do argue against it are likely to be very vocal in their opposition. I hope I'm wrong, I think my main idea could save an awful lot of lives and improve the lives of a lot of others.

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